re: covid-19

A lot of my writing in recent years has come from innocent provocation in an e-mail, Reddit thread, or Telegram chat room. I write out a wall of text only to delete it, or un-send it, because of the context of the conversation. Here is one such segment.

re: covid 19… I’ve seen evidence saying the same about the genetic engineering. I don’t disbelieve it, but I have also heard experts explain how it came from the Chinese eating bats sold in a certain marketplace with every animal imaginable being sold, germs everywhere, mutating from species to species, etc. I’ve also read how it was circulating long before December, but there was nothing “special” about it because the majority of people just recovered like they would a normal flu. I have heard SOOOO MUCH conflicting information that I’m ready to get rid of all my social media. It’s stressing me out because for some reason, I feel like I need to know the truth?

I’ve come across groups from all paths seeking for more truth on what’s going on: if the media is truly blowing this out of proportion to create a hysteria that leads to martial law; if this is indeed something to seriously be concerned about from a health perspective; if we’re being told the truth about where it comes from; if the hysteria and paranoia is more dangerous than the disease itself; et cetera et cetera. At the end of the day, I remain a storyteller. I love seeing all the different possible stories, angles and theories and as long as the information is available (and accurate), I think people should make their own informed decisions.

What a CHALLENGE that is in today’s world, yikes.

It’s a clusterfuck of information out there for someone like me and I’ve had to just hang onto the bits that make the most sense to me and just try to stay hygienic and remember to breathe well. Be it through the elections or the pandemic, all this energy going towards *hoping* someone else will *fix* things has just gotten to be too much for me. It’s much easier to just get to work on the solutions I can personally contribute to the whole fiasco that is our world.

At the end of the day, there’s not much else I can do.