A deleted response in an Anarchy chat.

Governments suck. For the most part it’s run by power hungry, ego-driven sociopaths. I get it. But we’re living in a certain world right now and we have to start where we’re at, which is why my anti-establishment friends get upset when I say I like Bernie Sanders.

In this context, the conversation was exploring how all political elections are simply theater, no matter the candidate, he/she had to be ‘vetted’ to get that far in the game. Here’s my deleted response:

I hear you, but as someone having a baby in Argentina right now because I can’t afford it and never planned for it in my home country, I can’t help but admit that I’m an eager member of the audience in this theatre. It’s not pure theatre all over the world–in some places there are actually real discussions happening–and nor has it always been theatre here. The state sucks but it’s what we’re working with right now while the common consciousness shifts.

Not that I’m the optimal contributor to society in the US, but I don’t cause problems, take money from the state, or even cost the state money because most the time I’m abroad not using its roads. I hold my own. The fact that I can’t afford to have my child there (with a foreign mother), because I’ve never valued the whole US individualistic capitalist lifestyle past what I needed to live, is a bit concerning to me. I know there are plenty of arguments against being “ill-prepared” for such a thing, but I’ve spent enough time in other parts of the world to share the perspective that no one should have to stress out just because they’re going to have a child. Or feel sick without knowing why. What the fuck else is having a state for if not to help support standard human shit for?

And thus, the dialectic makes sense to me when I listen to Bernie. There is actually a problem and I am actually hearing a proposed solution.