Try-ing Thymes

Last night I was laying in bed pondering the times when I realized that there was a reality outside trying to get in. That reality was the real-ity, which made me realize that I’d been choosing to exist in a different one for the last… week? Two weeks?

It’s been a shit-show nightmare for those like me who have been paranoid about something like this for the last decade… and now that it’s arrived, I’m the one who has nothing prepared. I’m the one about to bring a child into the world, paying rent in a duplex in south America, unknowing if the borders will ever re-open or if this authoritarian sunrise will continue to see the light of day.

Yet amidst all that my bank account is somehow higher than it’s ever been, I’ve got a woman at my side who loves me more than I knew was possible, and that love between us is bringing new life into this world very, very soon. Not to mention that I spend my days only working on projects I choose to work on, and I feel closer to being financed for some dream projects than I’ve ever felt.

Could this all be a test, just a chance to test the scope of my chosen realm of existence? It’s all unbelievably simple when we boil away the extracurriculars. I am me, I only have control over me, and that is that. I’ve spent the last decade roaming around free as a bird on the outside, caged as a different kind of bird on the inside. Somehow I have opened up on the inside as a new kind of cage begins to shape itself on the outside.

Governments be damned. Exaggerated “pandemics” be damned. Media hysterics be damned. I’ll be here, with myself, my love and my new family, and I’ll find the pleasure, solace, and excitement from this new world.

Satnam. The truth is me.