“Waddling Toddler Tiger” - My First BDK Mobility Sequence

As part of a wider effort to demonstrate the effectiveness and community potential for open-source repositories of knowledge exercises and physical practices, I’ve begun to formulate my BDK Mobility Teacher Training assignments as a means of prototyping a use case. Suffice to say, it’s been a satisfying use of my creative energy applied to the first “academic” experience I’ve had in over ten years.

Chapter 4 marked our first assignment instructing us to formulate our own sequence of transitions. Following my initial creative block, I quite enjoyed the engineering of it and will certainly be spending more evenings downstairs with cannabis and post-it notes seeing where my body wants to go next.

“Waddling Toddler Tiger” in Action

While both performing it and later watching myself after a week off due to a spinal issue, I can laugh humbly. I have a long way to go. I can see the flopping arms and body parts that seemed to miss the message to activate.

But despite my amateur-ness, I am proud what I came up with. I look forward to improving and perfecting it in the weeks and months to come.

The Choreography

  1. Start in Squat
  2. Bend knee to Combat Base
  3. Penetration Knee Step
  4. Bend knees to S-Seat
  5. Helicopter to Side body
  6. Glide from Side Body to Seated to Side Body
  7. Invert from Side Body
  8. Back step to Combat Base, Gorilla Lunge to Squat
  9. Plop butt to Seated, extend legs
  10. Back Bow Roll to Squat
  11. Bend knee to Combat Base
  12. Knee Switch to Squat

It’s pretty neat to learn a new set of ‘vocabulary’ for these movements. It’s inspiring, really–in the realm of words and body movements, we are responsibly infinite.